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Feeling Stressed? Try Laughter Yoga At Home

Laughter is good for destressing as it clears the mind and calms a person, says trainer. Laughter yoga blends the stress-busting activity of laughing with the breathing techniques of yoga for a unique workout that brings out the inner child…

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How to Tell if Your Snoring Is Normal Or Something More Serious

If you snore while you sleep, you’re not alone.    Photo: Antonio Guillem/ Snoring is a problem faced by many. Here, Dr Lynne Lim of Lynne Lim Ear Nose Throat & Hearing Centre, shares the most pertinent facts about snoring…

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Why Good Oral Hygiene is So Important if You Have Diabetes

People with diabetes are at increased risk for gum disease. Photo: luckybusiness/ Imagine losing your teeth when you are just 29. That was what happened to Alan (not his real name), who had shaky teeth, gum pain and gum swelling…

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Giving Gifts & Putting Up Christmas Decor Is A Sign Of Happiness

Gift-giving and putting up Christmas decorations increases self-esteem and a sense of fulfillment, say psychology experts. Gift-giving can be a gift itself, say psychology experts. Photo: Giving is a present in itself. Temasek Polytechnic lecturer Emil Cheong, who teaches…

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6 Mistakes You Make While Cleaning Your Ears

The low-down on ear cleaning. Photo: pisauikan / What is earwax? It’s a substance produced by our bodies to essentially protect and lubricate the ear canal. Our ears are also naturally designed to clean themselves, which is aided by…

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The Truth About Lasik Surgery: Myths And Facts About The Treatment

Lasik is common but still requires careful consideration.  Photo: Shao-Chun Wang / The dubious honour that sees Singapore crowned one of the myopia capitals of the world reflects the visual environment its people are immersed in. Urban-dwellers, now more so…

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How to Help Friends & Family Who Are Having Holiday Blues

Here are practical tips to help your loved ones get through this festive, merry-making season. Although the Christmas season is associated with merrymaking, it can be difficult for those struggling with depression or dealing with a recent loss or setback….

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15 Condom Facts Every Woman Must Know

Time to learn more about condoms as contraception. Photo: David Pereiras Villagrá / Some of these may sound like no-brainers but it’s better to be safe – literally – than sorry so we’re going to list them for you…

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Here’s How To Stop The Hiccups Immediately

Put an end to the troublesome hiccups with these handy solutions! Photo: Katii Bishop / Hiccups are an involuntary reaction from our bodies that occur to us every once in a while. It is caused by a spasm of…

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What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health, According to TCM

Your tongue is a good indicator of your overall wellbeing. Photo: Hieng Ling Tie / Did you know one way to assess your health is to look in the mirror and say “Ahh”? In TCM, the tongue is believed…

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