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8 Reasons Why Buttermilk is Good for You!

Buttermilk – also known as chaas – is a dairy drink made from watered down curd. As with most dairy products, buttermilk is extremely high in essential nutrients including calcium. But unlike average dairy products, chaas contain less fat so…

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Making Chinese Dumplings from Scratch Plus Fun Facts About Dumplings

By definition, a dumpling is a type of dish comprised of seasoned savory or sweet filling enveloped by dough. Dumplings come in all shapes and sizes. Variations of dumplings exist in most cultures. In Italy, dumplings are known as ravioli…

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7 Amazing Benefits of Raw Mixed Nuts

Raw mixed nuts are a popular snack. These unsalted, raw nuts are packed with essential nutrients including beneficial fats and magnesium! In today’s post, we are giving you 7 reasons why you should eat more raw mixed nuts: 1. Low…

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How to Make Paneer at Home

Paneer is a type of unsalted white cheese commonly used in Indian dishes. This product is made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice. Unlike other types of white cheese, paneer does not melt when heated. It has a crumbly,…

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5 Delicious Post-Workout Protein Shakes You’ll Love

A post-workout protein shake is an excellent way to get all the nutrients you need to energize the body and replenish lost fluids after an intense workout! In today’s post, we are sharing yummy post-workout protein shake recipes that you…

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Easy Baking Tips for Pillowy Soft, Chewy Cookies

Swearing off baking because your cookies always come out hard as rocks? Don’t let disappointing results get you down. We’re here to take your baking skills to a new level. Below are simple tips that will turn your batch of…

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Got Sweet Tooth? Try These Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Why wait at the end of a meal for desserts when you can have a sweet treat first thing in the morning? If you love sweets for breakfast, try whipping up these yummy recipes: 1. Blueberry Muffin Energy Balls You…

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3 Yummy Lamb Burger Recipes

Lamb meat is not only juicier than beef, it is less fatty and tender too! One of the best ways to enjoy lamb is to turn it into lamb burgers. In today’s post, we are giving you 3 lamb burger…

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Yummy Paleo Recipes to Try Today

Going on a diet doesn’t have to mean eating tasteless dishes! If you’re on Paleo diet and you are out of ideas what dishes to whip up, consider these fast, simple and scrumptious recipes: Classic Guacamole You will need: 3…

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10 US Cities with the Best Pizza

Each year, travel site TripAdvisor rounds up the best cities in the US that offer the best-tasting pizzas. TripAdvisor bases its ranking by reviewing millions of recommendations and reviews from travelers around the world. Each pizza restaurant is ranked according…

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